Monday, October 21, 2013

Pool decking the perfect way to beautify the area around your pool

Pool Decking - The Perfect Way To Beautify The Area Around Your Pool

Pool decking isnt just for looking good. Its functional, low maintenance and adds value to your home.

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Pool decking is not just for placing a trim around your pool. It is a place of leisure where you can relax and enjoy the beautiful summer day. You can have decking built around your above ground pool just as you can with your inground pool. With inground swimming pools, the decking tends to be part of the pool installation process, but the decking for above ground pools can be added afterwards. Pool decking needs to be smooth and not be hot to the feet during the hot summer days.

You can use wood, composite, tiles, stone or concrete as the material for pool decking. There are many textures and designs you can get in all these decking materials both for inground pool decking and for above ground pools. With above ground pools, the swimming pool decking usually includes stairs and you can either have the deck built so that it just gives access to the swimming pool or you can have it all the way around. Aluminum is a popular choice in decking for above ground pools and there are many kits you can buy that in


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