Monday, October 21, 2013

Pointe lessons

Pointe Lessons

Many dancers will tell you that Pointe is the most difficult move they have ever encountered. They may be doing it with ease now but it isnt a move that too many pick up immediately. It takes hours and days and weeks of practice. A dancer needs to have strong legs to help them keep their balance. They also may suffer from sore toes in the process yet they continue to learn.

If you want to learn Pointe it is very important you have a good instructor. Most of them wont take students that havent studied ballet for at least three years. Many instructors have different levels of Pointe classes that they teach and they will test students to decide which class they will fit into. They also strive to keep the classes small so you may find there is a waiting list for the next set of classes.

Many of the Pointe classes are only about 30 minutes in length for beginners. This is due to their bodies not being prepared to stay on their toes for longer than that. As a student advances to more difficult Pointe lessons, the classes will increase to 45 minutes and then a full hour in length. You will need to look into the specifics of what is offered as part of point lessons with a given instructor.

Pointe lessons arent going to be easy and they are going to be time consuming. The instructor is going to expect you to practice on your own time as well. You will need to be prepared for each of your lessons. This means being on time and ready to work. There are certain shoes to wear for Pointe and if you arent wearing them you wont be allowed to participate that day in class.

While learning Pointe can be frustrating at times, it can also be very rewarding. Many dancers know that if they want to have a successfully career in ballet they will need to master it. They are dedicated to learning from the lessons and doing all they can to improve their current skills. For them it is extremely rewarding to see the result of their efforts over a period of time.


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